Asset Protection

If you are a medical professional, your unique financial position needs professional advice and counsel.

Doctors in private practice face constant threat of litigation from all sides, from malpractice accusation, to general liability. Risk mitigation means more than reducing the risk of an event, it also means reducing the consequence of the event. No matter how careful you are, things happen that can threaten your practice, your family security, your lifestyle, and your net worth. Oughtness Group can help you insulate yourself from many consequential steps occurring after a plaintiff steps forward.

As you may or may not know, nearly all of your assets can be subject to court-ordered attachments. This can include bank accounts, vehicles, vacation homes, office equipment, even your business accounts. The few exempt assets in Texas are your homestead, your retirement plans, and cash values in permanent life insurance. In conjunction with other qualified professionals, Oughtness Group can help discover cost effective ways to maximize your exempt assets and minimize assets at risk of attachment.

A major issue plaguing doctors is the lack of good investment advice. Very few doctors have the time, experience, or interest in managing their retirement portfolio. Doctors in 401(k) or ORP retirement plans often have no one looking after the asset allocation or determining if the portfolio is even within your current risk tolerance. Oughtness Group has the ability to manage your qualified plan with professional third party management and to meet with you regularly for updates and course correction. If you feel like you have lost control, let us give you a free second opinion, and discover how we can add value to your investment portfolio.