University of Texas Professionals

If you are a UT employee participating in the ORP (Optional Retirement Plan) and/or in the DCP (Deferred Compensation Plan), you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the options available to you. With five UT-approved vendors, and hundreds of separate investment options, how can you be sure that you're making appropriate investment decisions?

The Oughtness Group has your answer. We are experienced professionals, too. Just like you know your specialty inside and out, we know investments inside and out. Chances are you may not be getting much support from the ORP vendor company. How would you like to have quarterly calls or visits in person to discuss your retirement planning? How about having a professional third party wealth management firm do extensive screens and filters on a universe of thousands of mutual funds from all the leading companies. Our money managers screen for: Performance results against peers; Tenure of management team; Avoiding style drift; Excessive trading (which can be counterproductive); and Changes in stated goals.

Our goal is to keep your investments performing better than investing in the corresponding indexes, while reducing risk to a lower beta. The cost of these services is low compared to the peace of mind that your investment is monitored by professionals.

And Oughtness Group goes a step further. We offer comprehensive financial planning and annual retainer at reduced cost for all clients who allow us to manage their ORP account. Just email for a fast return call and personal attention.